When I was deemed a liar…

Everyone lies. Whether it is a politician making false promises that everyone knows he won’t fulfill to little white lies we resort to when a little child asks us if his stick figure with a pout looked like you or not. Some are small, some big, others harmful in front of countless benign.

But then, there are times when a lie is not lie to begin with. What if it was a mistake or a genuine goof-up. What if the person held responsible just made an honest mistake and the outcome was one not intended? Shouldn’t that person be given the benefit of doubt before he/she is judge harshly?

The reason I wondered on these lines was because I have helplessly stood in those shoes. When my mistake was deemed an intentional act of lying to get the unintended result. The worst part was that I was not even given a chance to explain myself. Even as I stated the facts at hand and admitted my carelessness I was told “Don’t lie”.

“Don’t lie.” “Don’t lie.” “Don’t lie.” Although they were uttered only once, I kept repeating them to myself over and over again. The question for me was ‘Why would I lie?’ I had nothing to gain from the situation. Then why would I do that? “Don’t lie.”

It isn’t anger that consumed me. It was sadness. When people don’t trust you for small things such as this, it breaks my heart. When did judgement without a trail become so normal? Why are people so harsh on one another? Why was I called a liar when in fact I honestly tried to figure out and admit to my mistake? It is not fair to put a label on people. We are human not jam bottles. Maybe just maybe we should think about the consequences of an accusation placed on someone. A mistake is not a lie. Let’s give some rest to the pointing figures and try to be a bit understanding.

(Photo Credit:  Annie Spratt)

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